Healthy Tofu and Carrot Frankie

Ingredient :

Carrot  –  1

Any color capsicum – 1/2

Tofu – half box

Whole Wheat flour






Method :

Cut the carrot and capsicum in julienne. heat the pot with 1 tsp of oil.

Add the julienne of carrot and capsicum. Add salt as per the taste  and let the mixture cook and after that add 1/2 tsp black paper, basil and oregano. switch off the stove and now add shredded cabbage and lemon or lime and stir the mixture. keep the mixture aside.

Now take a another pot or you can use same one as well. just remove the mixture from the pot to some bowl.

now 1 tsp of oil and add the small slices of Tofu  as shown below. Now add the dry achar masal  tsp(you can add red pepper flakes), pinch of turmeric and salt. saute the mixture properly. let tofu cook for 2-3 minutes.

now my version of guacamole (guac)

Take 1 medium size  avocado, add salt as per the taste and now squeeze half  lime or lemon. mix it well. and your guac is ready.

Make a paratha dough.

take a 1 cup of whole wheat flour, add 2-3 tsp of curd, 1 tsp of oil, 1/2 tsp of salt. mix everything well and add water as required. Please add water as needed or your dough will become soft. allow dough to rest for 10-15 minutes or you can skip that part if you are in hurry.

divide the ball in equal part and now roll one ball and bake it on tava.

now once paratha is half cooked apply gauc, little bit of ketcup and both  mixture on top of that and roll the paratha and now cooked them again.

server hot just like that or with ketchup or curd.






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